Message from Vice-President

Dr.Shahinaz Alzaki Abomariam,VP

Welcome to University of Garden City! We are happy to have you join the Private family. As you begin your academic career, you are embarking on a path full of promise and hope. We are committed to working with you and challenging you on this wonderful journey to take full advantage of the opportunities you will find at this great institution.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students. We have committed faculty and outstanding staff, a beautiful campus and an atmosphere conducive to your academic goals. Students are most successful in the university setting if they make connections. Getting involved in student life will take you a step further in your journey. U.G.C offer opportunities for leadership development, academic support, networking, personal growth and community service.

To be at UGC is exciting! The learning atmosphere allows students to cultivate their varied interests. Beyond UGC, students can also explore other horizons by joining the student mobility programs through which they will enrich their cultural experience, earn new knowledge about their field, and gain greater self-confidence through our programs.

We hope you reach all of your goals and realize all your dreams.