Message from The President

Omer Mohamed Abuelgasim.

Architect, President,
Founder of University of Garden City.

UGC was established in 2003 to offer high quality university education coping with the fast-evolving scientific development in all different aspects. UGC started with BSc in Electronics and communication, Information Technology. UGC graduates, having some of the best tuition supported by modern laboratories and international training, are holding senior and leading positions in major local and international institutions, governmental and private.

Hence UGC added more faculties in other academic fields with the same high standard in labs and facilities. To carry on with the global prevailing circumstances and demands UGC added a BSc and diploma in Renewable Energy Engineering. To excel more, UGC is offering Post Graduate degrees in Business Administration, IT, Information and Media, Engineering. UGC is carrying on its development of its site, Laboratories, facilities and all other healthy requirements of a superior university campus.

UGC is intensively active in its social commitments towards the community around the campus and extending a hand to further locations. UGC is also active in all sports and cultural activities to enhance communities with well-prepared graduates who can compete and challenge and circumstances locally and globally.