About Faculty

The mission of the Faculty of Nursing is to advance nursing knowledge and develop dynamic nurse leaders who improve the health of all people, emphasizing the underserved, rural, and diverse populations. UGC's nursing curriculum prepares professional nurses by providing a sound educational base for practice, graduate study, professional development, and professional and civic responsibility. Our task is to maintain academic learning, develop nursing science research and promote the implementation of research-based nursing care. The nursing program serves as a resource for society through consultation, collaboration, advocacy and scholarship. Rapid changes in health care and technology require the nursing profession to continually expand its role. Employment forecasts predict an increasing demand for professional nurses. Career opportunities for a nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) include positions in hospitals, schools, community agencies, the military, insurance companies, nursing homes, clinics, businesses and research settings. The curriculum is designed to promote learning and research, and to make maximum use of the facility’s resources.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Nursing Sciences at University of Garden City. This is an exciting time to be embarking on a career in healthcare and the ever changing field of nursing. Our national healthcare system is in a state of flux and will require innovative solutions from healthcare professionals in order to meet the demands of shrinking budgets and an aging public who are medically fragile. Nursing as a profession is uniquely poised to partner in the system changes. To prepare graduates to meet these challenges, we gathered the most current evidence regarding the education and practice of nursing to develop a nursing program for the 21 st century.
The mission of our program is to prepare graduate nurses to collaboratively function in interprofessional healthcare teams to meet the needs of increasing complex patient populations. While caring is a necessary component of the practice of nursing, it is not sufficient. Nurses must have a strong theoretical and scientific basis for the practice of nursing, thus the curriculum is grounded in science as well as the art of nursing. Our graduates are prepared to promote, maintain and restore health, and provide end-of-life care for diverse individuals of all ages and communities using evidence-based practice and client involvement. As nurse educators we are committed to sharing our knowledge and passion, and hope to transmit the excitement, joy and comfort gained from our practice. My challenge to you is to find your passion and make a difference.



Develop the liberally educated professional nurse who is prepared to practice in entry level positions in various settings.


Provide a foundation for personal and professional development;


Provide a foundation for graduate study in nursing.