About Faculty

As part of the endeavor of the university of Garden City for promoting its status, the program of this faculty is meant to include three electives all within the realm of the architectural profession; Architectural Design, Planning and Urban Design. The current course running is the first elective but the latter two elective will be offered when the situation allows for the students who complete successfully six semesters of courses covering the basic knowledge common to all three options. Currently, there is supporting argument for introducing such specialist courses as positive additions to the current architectural courses in the country. The design of our courses is approached with the conviction that the architecture of the nation is the most concrete index of its social circumstances and cultural maturity. The nation's architecture is depicted by the single and basic dwelling needed at the level of subsistence and extends to include more complex edifices such as schools, hospitals, factories sport arenas etc.

Message from the Dean

We would like to express our warm welcome to all potential students who aim for joining our faculty of architecture, but also we would like to warn you architecture is classified, worldwide, as the most difficult field of study. That is absolutely true, but, in spite of that, it is the most rewarding profession. If you like architecture, all the tough time you experience is truly enjoyable. When you finish your design after several sleeplessness nights, you feel tired, but extremely happy. Look, I have solved this problem in a manner never done before. Your design outcome is a novelty in its own nature. It is original it is yours. I tell you, if you plan to study architecture, you will meet difficulties, but you will enjoy the time you will spend in creating alternative solutions and by the end of the day you will enjoy architecture as a rewarding career and consequently you will enjoy your life. Congratulation in advance. It is a venture that deserves being experienced. Come to us. Do not hesitate; you are welcome in our faculty.


The main objectives of our courses are to furnish the graduates with the fundamental skills in speaking and writing about all aspects concerned with in the architectural domain. In addition to that they are to be knowledgeable in graphical and basic design skills, well acquainted with critical thinking, informal ordering systems and most important are well prepared for working in a team as architecture is predominantly a multidisciplinary profession.