Message from Secretary,Academic Affairs

Dr.Kawther Mohammed Mokhtar

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The world today is a much better place to develop one’s potential. One is not limited by choice or technology, but only by the power of one's imagination.

At University of Garden City (UGC), the learners challenge assumptions, think beyond visible limits, and add the value of excellence in whatever they do.

Grounded in our commitment to engineering education innovation and interdisciplinary research, we offer our students a rich educational experience, an experience that bonds intellectual rigor and cross-disciplinary breadth in an intimate, student-centered environment. Research is an integral and conclusively enhancing part of this experience.

Today, we continue that legacy of innovation and leadership in undergraduate and professional education, and in research and technology transfer.

The College is its people – faculty, students, alumni and industries. Every aspect of our leadership, innovation, and growth comes from these sources. We seek, deliver and help you Achieve.